Room Size Sq. Ft. Ceiling Banquet Classroom Theater
McIntosh Ballroom 101’ x 60’ 6,060 16’ 500 400 700
Greenville-LaGrange 30’x30’ 900 16’ 40 48 90
College-Temple 30'x30' 900 16’ 40 48 90
Atkinson 30'x60' 1,800 16' 100 96 196
Arnall 40'x60' 2,740 16' 180 160 316
Boardroom 24'x28' 672 11' 14 14 N/A
Pavilion 24'x24' 718 28' 50 40 80
Atkinson/Arnall 70’x60’ 4,500 16' 300 280 560
Atkinson/GL/CT 60'x60' 3,600 16' 180 180 376
Atkinson/GL 30'x90' 2,700 16' 140 144 286
Atkinson/CT 30'x90' 2,700 16' 140 144 286
Groom’s Room 16'x10.5' 168 10' 6 6 N/A
Bride’s Room 24'x28' 672 11' 14 14 N/A

Event Venue Layout

The Newnan Centre can be utilized in different configurations for various types of events.

Non-profits organizations are eligible to receive a 20% discount off the published rates upon providing the Newnan Centre with their State of Georgia letter granting their 501 (c) 3 status.

See image to the right for ballroom layout.

The Newnan Centre is ideal for a wide variety of venue types.


Banquet Venue

The Newnan Centre is ideal for banquets up to 500 people. Our banquet hall may be customized to fit the needs of your organization's next banquet.


Corporate Event Venue

The Newnan Centre serves as the ideal place for annual shareholder meetings. Our main ballroom includes a capacity from 500-700 event attendees based on the configuration of the corporate meeting. The ballroom is 6050 square feet in size and the ideal event space for large events.

A corporate boardroom with space for 14 people is available. Board members will feel right at home in the Centre's professional space. The space is also ideal for non profits that require a space for their board of directors to meet.


Corporate Training Meeting and Seminars

The Centre includes classroom and theater options for corporate training events. Organizations may hold seminars up to several hundred attendees. Does your organization need a venue to host human resources meeting for employees? The Centre can host it.


Conferences Venue

The Centre serves as a conference center for many organizations. With multiple session and classroom options, the Centre is the ideal space for conferences of all types.


Christmas Parties and Birthday Parties

For those special events, the Newnan Centre excels in provides multiple options and spaces.


Wedding Venue

Learn more here about Newnan Centre Weddings here.

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